(A life without sweetness is no life at all)

A cake, a cream or a biscuit are not simply the sum of their individual ingredients, the way we put them together or present them, but an alchemy that holds together a myriad of components, and what they produce on the palate is inextricably linked to what they trigger in the heart.

Senza dolce non è vita
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News from our blog:
Rinvio Strudel Cup 2020

Strudel Cup 2020 postponed

The event has been rescheduled to be held in autumn, in the hope that you’ll turn out in your usual large numbers to do justice to a dessert that celebrates and turns the spotlight on Trento’s tradition.

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We’re almost there, just one final push and we’ll soon be back to spoiling you with our delicacies!
 If you simply can’t hang on that long, we can deliver direct to your door with or through our online shop​​​​​​​ .

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