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Our Patisserie

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Welcome to the Biasetto online shop…

From now on, the journey begins to discover unique and precious creations.

Collections in continuous evolution, from Travel Cakes, through soft and fluffy Plumcakes to crispy and delicious Sbrisolone cakes.

For delightful afternoon breaks, you will find the perfect treat for you in the Tea Pastries Collection.

Let yourself be captivated by the selection of Macarons, from timeless Classics to Prestigious Macarons with double filling.

Elegant boxes with Pralines, Tablets designed for a journey around the world, Ready-To-Drink or Powder Chocolate, make up our Chocolate Collection, ready to bring emotions to all chocolate lovers.

Tradition finds space once again in our assortment of Spreads and Jams, produced using the same methods as our grandmothers.

Christmas and Easter proposals seasonally enrich the range of leavened products.

Limited editions designed and created for special occasions and holidays complete the online collection.

Our flagship?

The famous Setteveli Voyage, which after extensive study, we have made shippable with an exclusive express service, arriving in your homes with a sensory journey never experienced before.

It is possible to order from abroad, but only with shipping to Italy.

You can browse our shop by clicking the following link


Opened in 1998, our boutique has brought a revolutionary vision of contemporary pastry to Padua.



This is where Biasetto’s sweet and savoury treats are created every day in an alchemy of combinations: small masterpieces of goodness.

Luigi biasetto

His story is one of passion for pastry-making and the search for absolute harmony in every product he creates.