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Baked at home

The Biasetto cake
in 24h for you

To be able to reach you all over Italy with a freshly baked cake, as if we were coming to your kitchen to cook together.

We have been cultivating this pioneering idea for months, and we have finally succeeded.  The result is a product with surprising organoleptic characteristics that can only be identified in a freshly baked cake.


  • You can order your cake by 12 noon every Wednesday.
  • At 12.01 a.m. the production will start and you can follow it live on our official social networks.
  • At 4 p.m. the courier will collect your cake.
  • You will receive your cake at home within 24 hours*.
  • Shipping service available only in Italy

Every month we will offer a new cake, so you can share or give our best recipes from a distance.

*A small proportion of orders may be delivered after 24 hours, within 48 hours (5% of orders).
Pick up at the Pastry Shop

Fill out the form on the side to request information and book the Baked product at your home
with pick up and payment directly in the pastry shop.



Opened in 1998, our boutique has brought a revolutionary vision of contemporary pastry to Padua.



Our cuisine lives by the same values as our pastry shop: quality, seasonality, precision and elegance.



This is where Biasetto’s sweet and savoury treats are created every day in an alchemy of combinations: small masterpieces of goodness.

Luigi biasetto

His story is one of passion for pastry-making and the search for absolute harmony in every product he creates.