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L’Atelier Biasetto.

A temple of sweetness

The pastry kitchen and bakery L’Atelier Biasetto is the progeny of the Biasetto family, established to transform the family patisserie into a fully-fledged artisan business. Here, every day, Luigi and his team perform an alchemy that delivers an array of sweet and savoury delights: little masterpieces of deliciousness created by the hands of an artisan capable of fully understanding the value of the ingredients and taking them to the next level.

The Atelier is divided into six independent production departments, where manual craftsmanship integrates seamlessly with the use of highly sophisticated equipment and machinery to develop fresh top-quality pastries and baked goods. 

Alessandro Biasetto

The pillar of the Atelier, not to mention the link bridging the gap between innovation and tradition: he’s the keeper of memories, working alongside Luigi and reining in his impetuousness.

Mission and Vision

To produce and sell sophisticated pastries and cakes of the highest calibre through on ongoing R&D process and technological innovation.

To set the benchmark for excellence in taste and to play a leading role in the evolution of production systems to leave a unique, indelible mark on the minds of the people who enjoy one of our sweet treats.


Premium ingredients. We select the best ingredients the country has to offer, priding ourselves on our 100% Made in Italy claim, with the exception of vanilla and cacao beans.


Hygiene. We invest energy and resources into compliance with hygiene standards to ensure the quality of our work processes.
Most work is done by hand to maintain a high standard of product quality, integrated with the use of advanced non-invasive technologies.

Ethics. We take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously, working every day to save energy and reduce waste.


Opened in 1998, our boutique has brought a revolutionary vision of contemporary pastry to Padua.


Our cuisine lives by the same values as our pastry shop: quality, seasonality, precision and elegance.

Luigi biasetto

His story is one of passion for pastry-making and the search for absolute harmony in every product he creates.