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Cakes and Mini Cakes

Ecstasy at first bite


The careful balance that makes a cake unique is the central premise around which each of our cakes is created, with a focus on the single servings that we like to refer to as individual mini cakes.

For us, appearance, fragrances, textures and nutritional values are key to the creation of an assortment that ticks the boxes all round.


Our cakes are the product of the thorough and painstaking research and development that’s a mainstay of our patisserie.

A constantly evolving medley of fine aromatic harmonies, with flavours, textures and fragrances played off each other, finishing back where everything started, with fantastic creations that pack a visual punch.

Our cake collection comprises great classics, new seasonal offerings and limited editions.


Baked Cakes: timeless baked classics, with evocative, comforting flavours. Perfect cakes to take with you on a picnic or outing as they travel and keep well. Shortcrust pastry bases, some flavoured with spices, or pâte brisée crusts topped with butter or nut fillings; delicious from breakfast to afternoon tea. Our evergreen offerings include: Sachertorte, Linzertorte, Pistachio Soufflé, Accademia.

Cream-filled cakes: a range that combines lightness with creaminess with a variety of fillings, for an experience marked by alternating flavours: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. Here’s just a taste: Abbraccio di Venere, Meridiana, Dolce vita, Sole.

Fruit cakes: surprising juxtapositions of colours and flavours. These light and fresh cakes jealously guard a heart of fresh seasonal fruit. Timeless favourites: Charlotte, Sole Mio, Antea, Violetta, Fruit tart.

Ice Cream Cakes: original shapes and authentic flavour, good things happen when cake meets our top-quality gelato. You can choose from classic combinations in fun shapes, or more sophisticated pairings with their captivating forms, perfect for sharing on those summer evenings. Some of the most popular: Ladybird, Hedgehog, Tropical, Water Lily, Passionata Rossa.


Prepare to be delighted by our assortment of Mini Cakes, downsized versions of our cakes offered in single-serving form.

Perfect for a sweet timeout in our pastry shop, for taking home in the handy Biasetto box, or for getting conveniently delivered to your door with MyMenu Padova.


Opened in 1998, our boutique has brought a revolutionary vision of contemporary pastry to Padua.


Our cuisine lives by the same values as our pastry shop: quality, seasonality, precision and elegance.


Our cuisine lives by the same values as our pastry shop: quality, seasonality, precision and elegance.

Luigi biasetto

His story is one of passion for pastry-making and the search for absolute harmony in every product he creates.

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