This is the date marking the opening of the newly refurbished Pasticceria Biasetto pastry shop. Since it opened its doors, in 1998, our boutique store has been setting pastry and cake trends in Padua and further afield


The result of a team effort that sees Luigi’s genius complemented by his brother Alessandro’s dedication and his wife Sandra Gardin’s skill. 


 She’s the one who looks after the place’s image, giving it a unique style, from the show-stopping display cabinets to the products’ presentation.


 A feminine touch that makes the interior warm and welcoming.

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News from our blog:
Artisti del Panettone premiazione Biasetto

Artisti del Panettone Biasetto takes the Podium

Our Milanese panettone gets the gold medal at Artisti del Panettone, the competition that rewards the best traditional low unglazed panettone, organized in partnership with Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport. Sitting on the judging panel, a team of food industry experts and journalists, led by head judge and outgoing champion Vincenzo Santoro.

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Questo è il nostro gelato!

This is our Gelato

Our gelato is made from strictly the freshest Italian eggs, milk and cream. We express each taste clearly, choosing the best ingredients on offer across our country, from PDO protected designation of origin pistachios (Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP) to PGI protected geographical indication hazelnuts from Piedmont (Nocciola del Piemonte IGP) as part of a 100% #madeinbiasetto process whose bywords are: excellence and sustainability.

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Il nostro menu delle feste

Our Christmas menu

We’re ready to celebrate this festive season 2020 with you by offering an impeccable takeaway menu. 
You can choose from a meat menu, a fish menu, or create your own menu with the individual dishes.

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