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(My bite-sized patisserie)


This book is an ode to the beautiful and the delicious. Beautiful, because petit fours are the little gems of the pastry art, precious and elegant, balanced in their shapes and colours
Delicious, because they’re simply heavenly and, with their bijou size, cater to people who want to indulge their sweet cravings without going overboard, while providing a mind-blowing selection to choose from.

Pastry making is complexity, it’s a sophisticated art that Luigi Biasetto interprets with heart, method and ongoing experimentation. A never-ending love story fuelled by an unbending and strategic approach and inspired by passion in the continuous pursuit of traditions and innovations.

Divided into ten chapters, the book is a collection of the best of the best of Biasetto’s petit four creations, with unprecedented recipes, preparations and sensational photos by Lucio Linguanotto.
It’s a book born out of the desire to share an experience and give away a few secrets to anyone wanting to venture into the world of high-end patisserie.

La mia pasticceria mignon

The classics, sweets as dictated by tradition, faithfully revisited with a preparation method that propels pastry making into the future.

Eclairs. One of the most popular preparations, the pastry puff, presented with a series of revolutionary preparation techniques.

Baked miniatures. Baked cakes in a mini version, generally featuring a crunchy or soft base with fillings and toppings that travel and keep easily.

Short pastry cups. Sweet little pastries that are a lovely, comforting treat at any time of day, with a rich and imaginative assortment.

Tarts. Also know as tartlets, they feature a crunchy base and a crumbly short pastry shell that serve to contain a filling that works well to retain the crunchiness.
Miniature cakes. Soft and creamy, they require a high level of preparation in terms of the techniques and equipment to be used.

Petit four slice. Delicate and elegant, its filling must be prepared with great care to avoid irregularities.

Hollow cups. These are extremely fine chocolate shells that make the perfect containers for extraordinary pairings.

Soufflés. A hybrid, part petit four sec and part soft, inspired by the famous Madeleine.

Macarons. Icons of contemporary taste, featuring a distinctive dome-shaped structure with textured edge.

We’re accompanied by the method and precision that are Luigi Biasetto’s hallmarks as “Macaron” — with a combination of technique and creativity — leads us on a journey of discovery into refined processes and unprecedented ingredients, revealing with its own unique style everything there is to know about this precious little sweet treat: from its distant origins to the selection of the best ingredients and basic rules, illustrating every stage of the different methods of preparing soft amaretti biscuits, macarons with the classic method and Italian meringue method, for both the shells and the numerous possible fillings, including different versions and decorations, finishing off with storage, logistics and communication guidelines.


The weighty introduction is followed by the core of the publication, with an impressive 60 elegantly illustrated recipes split into 6 chapters, preceded by useful, exhaustive introductions: single-flavoured macarons, double-flavoured macarons, macarons with special decorations, individual macarons, ice cream macarons and, to finish, savoury macarons.

Over 300 recipes, 270 pages, a journey of discovery into the pastry making of a famous chef.
Luigi Biasetto,
La mia pasticceria mignon, published by Italian Gourmet, 2017


Available for purchase from the Pasticceria Biasetto pastry shop in Padua and online from shop.italiangourmet.it

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MACARON, Luigi Biasetto’s new book

With Luigi Biasetto as our guide, we’re taken on an extraordinary journey that weaves its way between sweet and savoury to discover everything there is to know about the undisputed star of the patisserie of the future: the macaron. A fact stated with conviction by the pastry grand master — undisputed pioneer and one of the most authoritative and esteemed voices in the industry — in this exceptional publication, unique in its approach, depth of detail and variety of recipes.

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