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Go on, pamper your taste buds!


Criollo and Forastero are the two finest-quality cacao varieties selected to create our famous chocolates.

Sweet and velvety geometric wonders with original pairings that reveal themselves gradually as they melt in your mouth. A carefully balanced feast of flavours that delights the taste buds and rewards the senses.

Chocolate Collection

Our chocolate assortment includes an impressive 40 individual chocolates, which are joined by limited editions designed for special occasions and the holidays. Our chocolates are perfect for enjoying in the Pastry shop or for taking home: you can choose from one of our elegant gift boxes.

A must-try for chocolate lovers, our ready-to-drink chocolate comes in a handy resealable bottle that we can even deliver to your door, for sipping hot from a cup or enjoying cold by the spoonful.


Our collection of tasting blocks comprises an impressive range of 21 flavours, with each taste conceived using ingredients specific to a country or region. The result is best described as a journey around the world.

You can find our full chocolate collection in our Pastry shop and on our online shop, delivering Europe wide.


Opened in 1998, our boutique has brought a revolutionary vision of contemporary pastry to Padua.



Our cuisine lives by the same values as our pastry shop: quality, seasonality, precision and elegance.



This is where Biasetto’s sweet and savoury treats are created every day in an alchemy of combinations: small masterpieces of goodness.

Luigi biasetto

His story is one of passion for pastry-making and the search for absolute harmony in every product he creates.


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